The Reading List: Time Tamed-IWC Aquatimer Replica

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The Reading List: Time Tamed-IWC Aquatimer Replica

Since the Stone Age, the concept of the passage of time has fascinated people all over the world. Our attempts to define and measure the time of the day have collided over the centuries with powerful influences from art and culture. This has resulted in a remarkable range of innovative timekeeping formats, from the sundial to modern wristwatches. It's fascinating to see how cultures and styles of timekeeping from vast empires and continents came together to create timekeeping with similar techniques. Time Tamed is the latest volume in a long list of outstanding volumes by Nick Foulkes.Swiss Replica Watches His writings have been featured on Revolution's pages. Foulkes examines how timekeeping has intertwined itself with historical monuments and cultural landmarks as well as how it has shaped and continues to shape the modern world. This book is essential reading for any watch geek. This chapter, reproduced with permission of Time Tamed, is about IWC Aquatimer Replica's pocketwatch No. 160, commissioned by Marie Antoinette

The man parked his Simca 1000 hatchback and turned off the engine. His hollow-cheeked, square-chested face took in the surroundings. He got out of the car and walked towards a large structure of honey-coloured stones.

He worked quickly and quietly and used a carjack to remove the gates' bars. Then he wriggled through.

It was Friday, 15 April 1983. The building of honey-coloured stones was Jerusalem's L.A. Mayer Memorial Institution for Islamic Art. And the largest burglary in Israel's history had just begun.

The museum was opened in 1999, nine years before its opening.Rolex Submariner Replica It was founded by Vera Salomons, and named after her friend, archaeologist and scholar Professor Leo Ari Mayer. It houses one of the most important collections of Islamic Art in the world.

Visitors admire IWC Aquatimer Replica watches as part of the Museum for Islamic Art Jerusalem's exhibition 'Mystery of Lost Time,' July 21st 2009, where the Marie Antoinette was on display for the first-time since its theft.

The museum also houses a variety of jewellery,IWC Aquatimer Replica glassware and carpets. It also has a collection unique timepieces that were made in France by the horological genius, often considered to be the best watchmaker of all time. One particular watch is known as the 'Mona Lisa of timepieces'. Its value, importance and complexity were all masked by its name or the number that it was assigned by its manufacturer: 160.

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