River Polices


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River Polices

Canoe, Kayak and Tube

Refundable security deposit (late/damage)??required at time of rental. If all rented equipment is returned by set return time and no damages have occurred, the deposit is voided at the end of the trip. In such case as equipment is not returned by set return time, deposit only covers 1/2 of an hour of tardiness. Additional deposit charged and collected based on per craft per hour as noted below. Security deposit accepted in the form of VISA or MasterCard only.

DEPOSIT: Canoes / Kayaks $20.00 per canoe/kayak for first1/2 hour of tardiness; $10.00 per canoe/kayak for each additional 1/2 hour of tardiness. Rolex Replica Watches

DEPOSIT: Tubes $10.00 per tube for first 1/2 hour of tardiness; $5.00 per tube for each additional1/2 hour of tardiness.

Damaged/lost life jacket $20.00
Damaged/lost paddle $30.00

Canoe/kayak retrieval (abandoned or lodged) $100.00
Damaged/lost canoe $600.00
Damaged/lost kayak $350.00

Tube retrieval $20.00
Damaged/lost tube $40.00

Only two adults allowed per canoe.

We recommend wearing life jackets.?? Do??not use life jackets as tie-downs for tubes, canoes, or kayaks.

Possession of alcohol by persons under 21 is prohibited.??Please do not bring extra large coolers or glass containers. Clements Canoes Outdoor Center would like to remind everyone to drink responsibility as canoeing and drinking do not mix. We are a family establishment. Audemars Piguet Replica Watches

Dispose of your trash properly.?? Trash should not be left in the water or on the banks of Sugar Creek.??
Trash bags and trash containers are provided at the livery.??Public access points do not provide trash containers - plan to dispose of your own trash.

Respect private property rights along Sugar Creek.


Deera€?s Mill, Inc. reserves the right to refuse rental during high water.?? Trips and times may vary due to water level and time of year.?? We reserve the right to modify or alter trips if conditions warrant such action.?? In these cases, there are no refunds or price differences.

A signed Waiver is required before participating in any CCOC event.